The Rafinera Cloud Kitchen owns multiple comfort food brands with amazing tastes which our customers love, operates multiple brand, last-mile satellite restaurants where these are finished once ordered, and delivered very fast, at a very high service level.

We currently own the central kitchen, the satellite restaurants, all the brands they serve, as well as in-house delivery fleets in each one. We have an end to end responsibility on customers’ experience, from taste to delivery at the end of the day.

Central Kitchen

Our sophisticated central kitchen hosts our R&D, does 80% of the work required to prepare & cook our menus, and caters our multiple“last mile” satellite restaurants.

Central Operations

At our headquarters we also centrally manage menu planning & documentation, brand creation & management, procurement, software development & ICT, logistics, human resources and training.

Satellite Restaurants

Our “last mile" satellite restaurants solely focus on following the rules set for each menu item as they prepare the food to be delivered, and organize delivery to the customer.